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Ordering & Accidents

I haven't blogged much lately, i've been preoccupied with a great many things.

The rest of last week nothing much really happened that I can remember, so it mustn't have been too exciting. Over the last week I've mainly been concerned with watching processor prices, and trying to order them (how sad).

The Intel price drop did happen on Friday, but to my disappointment after contacting the store that I was going to buy my custom-built computer off, they didn't have a lot of the components that i was wanting in stock, and that it would be a few weeks for them to get them all.

Deflated, this week I looked around elsewhere and found that I could collect all the parts required from different stores, but that would mean that I would have to build the computer myself. This is something that I have never done before, and totally not confident about.

I expect to hopefully be able to get all the parts on Thursday, and my partner in crime from work will help me put the thing together in exchange for a build fee's worth of Coca-Cola or some other substance ;). It should be a great learning experience; watch out for a docu-blog-entry about it.

Another big incident happened on Sunday night. We went to indoor football, and after the game (in which we drew 2-2 and my disgusting goal-drought continued) when we were leaving i backed into a parked car; our spare tyre dinting it's bonnet.

This was my first ever car accident, and I kick myself for not seeing the car. Our car wasn't at all damaged and the thought of just leaving briefly crossed my mind - the parked car was only superficially damaged - but i couldn't do that to another person, and left a note from on the car for them to contact me.

After getting in contact with the person (who seemed really nice btw, them actually thanking me many times for leaving a note), they'll get a few quotes to have it repaired which I will pay for which hopefully won't be more than a few hundred dollars so we don't have to get insurances involved.

Anywho, hopefully that turns out ok, and hopefully i'll have a built new computer soonish.

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