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Easter 2007

Firstly a big "Christ is Risen!" to everybody.

In my sickness last week I ended up missing out on the Holy Wednesday and Holy Thursday services, but i did end up going to the Good Friday and Resurrection services.

It may be partly related to the fact that I did miss out on a fair few of the Holy Week services, but I didn't really 'feel' Easter all that much this year. It also might be partly due to the fact that - greatly disappointingly - this year there was barely a scant of English in any of the Holy Week services that I attended.

I felt it was especially sad that there wasn't even one 'Christos Anesti' sung in English at the Resurrection service; the only English that was uttered in the entire service was the Archbishop's letter. I feel that it is a pity in that the one year that Fr. D goes up North for Easter, that English almost totally disappears from the Holy Week services. Sad, and hopefully in the future this will only be a blip on the historical radar.

After Church on Saturday night I went straight to McDonald's and ended my fast with a Big Mac, the second successive year in which I have done so, and it will almost undoubtedly become a tradition as long as the nearby Maccas will stay open 24 hours :D.

Yesterday we did the usual rounds during the day: my family's Easter lunch first and then onto Despina's family. At night we met up with some of the people from the Saturday night liturgy group and partook in some Hungry Jack's, which went down very well :D.

It was also very strange to see Andrew not only wearing, how should i put this... very not black colours (white in fact!) in celebration of the occasion; and not only that, but he was also clean-shaven for the first time that I can remember in recent history! It was quite surreal.

After that a few of them came over to our place to watch a few How I Met Your Mother episodes (which has been awesome lately fwiw), and to play a little Wii.

Speaking of the Wii, Andrew has gotten me into the Ctrl-Alt-Del comics with this one from a few weeks back. The latest one is also so true and quite humorous.

Anywho, this morning Des and I went to see 300. I liked it, and I think visually it was done very well.

I should be back to work tomorrow, although I'm still not feeling totally 100% from the flu last week, i think that I'll survive it.

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