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Welcome Back TV

TelevisionThank goodness summer TV is over. Why can't any station put anything decent to watch on TV over the summer period here in this country?? All we had was cricket, B-grade movies and repeats of old, mostly crappy TV shows. I'm lucky that I had the Nintendo and DVDs to see it through.

Thus it's very good that, mainly starting this week, normal high-quality programming resumes. It's more than adequately demonstrated by the fantastic all-new episode line-up on tonight.

It starts off with How I Met I Mother, continues with Lost and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (SVU will be recorded for later viewing), and finishes with Family Guy.

Since we got married, I really have reacquainted myself with watching TV. In the years ranging from the end of school through to the wedding, I didn't really follow any prime-time TV shows. In fact I actually stopped following the ones that I did watch (eg Buffy, Stargate, X-Files). I guess it was really the lack of a solid daytime occupation, studying and working at nights, and also going out with Despina that meant that I consistently didn't have spare time in the usual weekday prime-time timeslot.

Now that all those inhibitors are gone, and we are married and both working 9-to-5ers, it really lends itself to coach-potatoism in front of the TV.

Now if you'll excuse me, i've got some TV to watch 😀

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