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Past Week

I've been lazy in doing any entries this past week, so i'll attempt to catch up.

Work has been mostly normal last week. I've just embarked upon a massively tedious task that should keep me occupied for the next few weeks to say the least.

This past week i've also continued upon my two-and a-half-month-long quest to purchase a second nunchuck controller for the Nintendo Wii that we have. Since the console launch in early December, there has been an alarming shortage in stock for accessories. I managed to get myself an extra 'Wiimote' controller and classic controller, but the nunchuck add-on has especially been in short supply.

Upon hearing news earlier in the week that down south was being restocked, Michael and I made a few journeys into the city at lunch to see if anyone there had any. I had previously pre-ordered one at EB, but people ahead of me in the pre-order queue got all their available stock. Frustrated, one of the online stores I have ordered from before displayed that they had stock, so I ordered one from there.

That was Thursday, with it being delivered tomorrow (Monday). On Friday I learned that Myer in the City finally got their stock in. Not happy. But i know that i'm getting one, so that's all that really matters.

Speaking of Thursday, that night we resumed mixed Futsal at Wynnum. I have become increasingly frustrated and annoyed at the lack of professionalism at that place. We usually only have only four players of the usual five, and because of the alternate-sex scoring rule it isn't usually that bad playing against most teams.

We pay good money for us to play in the competition, and there it just isn't worth it. The team we played against Thursday night was allowed to field six players, the sixth being a down-syndrome boy. When we have five players, that usually isn't an issue, but against our four players, it didn't even allow us two seconds on the ball before we got tackled by two opposition players.

I don't want to sound harsh, but we aren't paying to play in a disabled-person's competition. If they want to field a down-syndrome player than that's their choice, but we shouldn't have to play against six players in a professionally organised competition where the rules clearly state that there is to be a maximum five to a team.

Secondly, the ref in the competition is useless. He's a 17 year old kid who doesn't call anything. When i say 'he doesn't call anything', i mean it: i don't think i've ever seen him call a foul or give a free kick in any game that i've played OR watched; he just stands there and points left or right when the ball goes out of play. Even the most blatantly obvious foul that happens right in front of him won't make him blow his whistle.

Both the above issues would be fine if we were playing for free in an unorganised arena. I don't really care about the result of the games (winning or losing), but both issues significantly detract from the fairness and enjoyability of the experience. When we are paying to have a competition (albeit a mixed 'social' one) with properly officiated games, it just isn't good enough. Needless to say, I don't think we will be playing there after the end of this season.

This weekend has mostly been a blur. Today we played the last game of the normal season, and we lost 4-2, mainly because our turnout of players towards the end of this season has been appalling. We only had five, and that was recruiting Rolando who isn't playing this season. Finals start next week, so hopefully we'll have some subs and a better turnout

Apologies for the rambling and incoherent nature of this entry.

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