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Birthday CandlesNothing much has really happened over few days, except for yesterday, which was my Birthday. As the years go on, my birthday seems to feel less and less like an event. I guess that it's a combination of it not being a good thing any more (getting older that is), and also that there is no more childish excitement about it.

Yesterday I turned 24, which I think officially marks me departing the 'low-twenties' category, and sees me enter the 'mid-twenties' (in my opinion low is x0-x3, mid is x4-x6, and late is x7-x9, where 'x' is the decade).

A few days ago, I blogged about my first experiences using eBay. I'm happy to report that I have received all the items I won, and all are in working condition. I love Red Card and love Rogue Leader 😀

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