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Anniversary Weekend

AnniversaryThis Costi household just had a very busy weekend. Yesterday we celebrated the one year anniversary of our wedding. I cannot begin to describe the insaneness of how quickly this one year has passed, but it has been amazing.

Before the wedding, the general consensus from the marriage seminars and everyone was that the first year of marriage is generally the hardest, and for us to be prepared for that.

I can honestly say that for us, this past year has been a blast. It has been the best year of my life, and the marriage has been anything but difficult. I won't lie and say things have been perfect, because they haven't, but a little less than perfect wouldn't be an exaggeration. If the past year was hardest we'll have in our marriage, then we have some good times ahead!

I don't know if it's the fact that neither of us have lived away from home before we got married, our personalities, our shared and active faith, or me being the best husband ever (just kidding on that last point ;)), but for the most part we have thoroughly enjoyed each-other and enjoyed this past year.

Anywho, i ramble on. About the past weekend: we spent most of the weekend down the Gold Coast staying on Cavill Mall, which despite the adverse weather was a good experience. Although i see the point of 'getting away' for the weekend, I can see how sometimes it's not worth the disruption it causes: e.g. throwing you out of your usual schedule (for us the washing and cleaning etc), not to mention the financial deficit. I'm not entirely sure if it was worth it in that regard, but I think the Mrs enjoyed it so that makes it worth the while.

We came back a little early on Sunday, and got caught in some bad traffic on the M1 around Logan, which sucked. There's some so inherently frustrating about crawling in first gear along a highway that you're supposed to be doing 100km/hr on.

That afternoon we went and saw Stranger Than Fiction starring Will Ferrel. Although there were moments when Will Ferrel acted his typical self (the 'Will Ferrel way'), it was strange seeing Will Ferrel properly acting a serious role in this movie, and it was surprising and refreshing to see. I dunno about Despina, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie; four stars from me.

That night we went to Royal on the Park for dinner. It was where we had our wedding reception, and on the night they had given us a letter to come back on our anniversary to have a free dinner to the value of $100. Not being one to turn down a free feed at a nice restaurant, we of course obliged. It's so good going to a restaurant where the waiters literally 'wait' on you like they should. The prices weren't that much more expensive than a normal cafe where you generally get pretty crap service.

Back at work today.

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