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Zelda Finished & Rabbids

RabbidAfter getting the game just before Christmas, yesterday I finally finished The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. According to my saved game timer, it took me just over 57 hours of continuous gameplay. Yep that's right, over two whole 24 hour days of my life gone playing this.

It's easily the longest game that I have ever played, making it well worth the amount paid for it, but also it was generally a fantastic game. The way that the Wii controllers allowed you to interact with the game was amazing, and the visual immersion of the game astounded me.

The down-side is that the game is really only a play-it-once; i can't imagine me trying to go through all 50+ hours again any time soon.

To keep me interested in playing the Wii, I needed to get another game. Unfortunately there aren't that many great games for the Wii out yet. One did catch my eye though: Rayman: Raving Rabbids. I'm not a big fan of Rayman, but the Rabbids (insane screaming rabbits keen on taking over the world, pictured above) are hilarious.

The game is basically a collection of mini games, in which you do weird and crazy things to thwart the rabbids.

Anywho, so overall i've had a really good weekend. After finishing Zelda yesterday, I helped out with the cooking and cleaning and went to Church. After Church a big group of people all came out to dinner. I think it would have to be the biggest group that's ever gone to eat the same place after Church on a Saturday night: 16 in all.

After a particularly torturous time deciding on and going to a restaurant (at first we went to a new cafe that no-one had been too before (smart idea, pff), only to arrive there and find out that they didn't serve food), we eventually went to a Chinese place in West End, which surprisingly for me, accommodated a group of 16 turning up without a booking.

Today, also without us making a booking, Fr. A wonderfully turned up and blessed our home, as is customary this time of year.

This afternoon I also played my first game of football in nearly a month. For some reason I played a fantastic game, scoring four goals and us winning the game 5-4 after being up 5-2 and lapsing a bit in defence in the latter periods.

3 thoughts on “Zelda Finished & Rabbids”

  1. you have finished it but have you completed it?
    do you have everything there is to get, all the bugs, the frog lure for fishing, the big bomb bag?

  2. No I haven't completed it, but I bet that I have more bugs and stuff than you did when you finished it *me totally ignoring the fact that I had a game guide...*


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