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Paginated: Blog Script Update

One of the things that have peeved me off about this blog script (as well as a few others), is the script not paginating a long list of entries. For example, when I would go to list the month of last November, it would list all 30 entries one after another on the one page. If you did a search with a really generic term you could get hundreds on the one page.

Tonight i pulled my finger out and actually coded into the script the ability to break up a long list of entries into pages (in my case pages of 10). So if you now go to November, it should break it up into 3 pages of results with 10 on each.

I was actually quite impressed that I got the thing working almost first time, usually it takes me all night to do something like this.

Feedback is, as always, more than welcome, and any bug or error reports would be very appreciated.

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