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Footballing Weekend

Queensland Roar GameIt's been pretty much a football weekend: Saturday night I went to the Queensland Roar game, today I played indoor, and tonight is the big Arsenal v Manchester United game.

I didn't do too much yesterday other than the usual washing and cleaning, although I did have enough time to finish off Donkey Kong Country. It's the first time I've actually managed to finish the whole game (i had it about 10 years ago on the SNES), although it was mainly thanks to some cheats. Thank you Mr Internet, I couldn't done with you 10 years ago.

Saturday night I was very kindly invited to the Queensland Roar game thanks to a friend who had acquired two free tickets. We had fantastic seats: right on half-way and about 16 rows back, it was a perfect view of the game. I was impressed with the overall turnout, about 33000 people, which is pretty big for a football game in this country.

It was the last game of the normal season, and Queensland had to beat Sydney to make the finals. The game finished 1-1, so Sydney made the finals and Queensland missed out :(. The picture above is when Queensland scored their goal.

Today whilst the Mrs went down the coast with her family, I went and played our game of indoor at the hot time of 2:20.

We put in another really determined performance to win the game 4-1. The game was tighter than the score line suggests, it was 0-0 after half time, and we really only went ahead in the last few minutes. I didn't have a great game; my finishing was terrible and I really should have put 3 or 4 away, but had to settle for a last minute tap-in to get on the score sheet.

The team defended really well though, and it's good to see us playing some consistent and well-defended games.

Now if only Arsenal can win tonight...

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