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Non-compulsory Blogging & Christmas Tree

As you can probably tell, i have mildly enjoyed not being pressured into blogging in the last few days. 😉

I gladly finished work on Friday, the afternoon before 5pm just seemed to drag on forever. Friday night was spent watching a movie at my parent's place. I opted to watch the last Bond film, Die Another Day, ahead of watching the new one next week in Gold Class cinemas (we're forced to use vouchers which are expiring soon). Watch out for my rant on how Daniel Craig does not fit the character of James Bond.

Yesterday we did all the usual cleaning and washing, interrupted by watching the tail-end of Encino Man on TV. It reminds me so much of my childhood; I think it has to be one of the quintessential early 90s movies, it has everything: the clothes, the music, Pauly Shore...

Our Christmas TreeWe also out up our first Christmas tree! (right)

That night we went to Church and afterwards, via fish'n'chips, went to Southside to watch one of those Biblical movies that you always see on those Time Life ads. The Old Testament always makes for good drama.

After that we went to my parent's place and decided to watch the big North-London derby game between Arsenal and Tottenham, which Arsenal won comfortably 3-0. Arsenal have been going really crap lately, so it's good for them to get a win, and even better for me to actually see them win a game at their new stadium.

As a result of this weeks bye-week for indoor, today we all went out for lunch instead (if you can't exercise, you might as well stuff your face!), and afterwards everybody came over and played a few rounds of poker. Ben won the first round, and in the second round, after Wil handed me all his chips in the first hand, i went on to win it.

It's good playing poker again after not playing it in ages.

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