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Trainspotting & iPods: Now Viruses Are Included!

Queensland RailAs mentioned in the last entry, the traffic situation in Brisbane is still chaotic. The Riverside Expressway has been closed the past two days, and looks to remain closed to at least tomorrow, with still no definitive word from the government on when to expect it reopened.

As a result, the past two days I have caught the train into work to avoid the road mess. Queensland Rail have been pretty good, adding more services to cope with a lot more people taking the trains. The trains have been pretty full (standing room only), but still running mostly on time. I actually really don't mind catching the train.

From where I live and work, catching the train is very convenient, and even quicker than driving in on a normal day. The main reason why I drive rather than catch a train is the cost. For a daily return ticket it costs me $5.20, which over the week, more than covers for the fuel the car would use to commute to and from work. I'd rather use the car that we pay rego and insurance for rather than pay more to catch the train and leave it sitting in the garage, not to mention the issue of comfort.

In geeky news, something today has pissed the crap out of me. It has been revealed that in the last month Apple have shipped some iPods that have contained a Windows virus on them.

Without doubt this a huge issue of quality control for devices manufactured in an Apple factory could enter the market with this kind of thing on them. After it is made, public Apple releases a statement, and what do they do? Blame Microsoft.

In a quote from their statement: "As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses...".

The flipping nerve of Apple. Something that they manufacture, which because of an obvious failure in their quality control, could infect their customers' computers (btw, the virus does not exploit any vulnerability in Windows, it installs itself onto the system as a program), and they don't even have the class to take full responsibility of their mistake.

It's so damn childish and typical of them of late. Almost everything Apple has done publicly in recent times, such as their TV ads and now this, they can never do anything without haven't having a jab at Microsoft.

Apple should be marketing their products on their own merits, not constantly jabbing at their competitors in a childish manner. Man up Apple, and show some damn class.

5 thoughts on “Trainspotting & iPods: Now Viruses Are Included!”

  1. by their nature, all quotes are selective, otherwise they would be transcripts. However, it was a very short statement in any event, and one key sentence out of the paragraph should be sufficient (particularly since it was a key point - the deficiency wasn't Windows Virus Prevention, it was Apple's Quality Control)

  2. a/s: I think you'll find (although somewhat lightheartedly afterall) that Apple's point was that the "deficiency" was in fact both with Windows and "even more" with themselves for "not catching it."
    Lucas: Yes, I concede that you linked to the statement and that is good form. I think "huge issue of quality control" is an overstatement, though, and the factory is not owned by Apple, by the way. From what I've read the sum total of infected iPod's has reached twenty-five worldwide. Finally, I was just having a go - which I'm sure Lucas knows because he knows me well. 😉

  3. hehe, yes i know 🙂

    In hindsite my entry was a little more bellicose than I should have gotten, but I had just read the press release and vented. Although I still stand by my views.


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