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Nando’s Addiction

NandosHi, my name is Lucas, and I'm a Nando's addict.

Over the past year-or-so, I have become addicted to Nando's, a spicy Portuguese chicken restaurant/take-away. Previously hating anything with spice, I first came to love their 'wussy' lemon & herb burgers, and since attempting the 'mild' spiced ones, I am now a solid 'hot' eater, even sprinkling the side of chips with the hot sauce.

Right now I find myself having Nando's at least once a week, sometimes even up to 3 or 4 times. I would now classify it as an addiction. Although it's probably better than the usual fast food, I still wouldn't classify it as good for me.

What's funny is that they have "Nando's is addictive" painted all over the restaurant walls as a tongue in cheek ad of how good their food is. Although, I do have a suspicion that they do actually put addictive chemicals into their food, and the whole "Nando's is addictive" on the walls is purposefully put there as a disclaimer should anyone find out and sue. 😉

Nevertheless I can't get enough of the stuff. I even have the sauce at home to use on food eaten there should the need arise. Help.

To life-blogging, today is my little sister's 21st birthday. A big 'happy birthday!' to her ahead of her imminent wedding.

I think i've mostly finalised the Bribie webite's page design. Now all that is left is to actually construct the site itself. A domain has been registered, but i'll keep everyone guessing on the domain until the proper site launch in the near future.

3 thoughts on “Nando’s Addiction”

  1. well at least they cant be sued for false advertising, and it sounds better than, "Nando's, now with extra LSD".

    happy birthday to Stephania.


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