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Movies & Clubbing

Today Despina and I went out to Carindale to go to Big W to take advantage of their big DVD sale that they've got going. Unfortunately the one movie that I really wanted to get from it was surprisingly sold out. Not happy.

Added to that utterly depressing performances from Arsenal recently, and banging my head on our wardrobe, I did not have a good start to the day.

Anyway, I did buy a couple of movies: I got a double pack containing Fantastic Four, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for a cheap $20 (right). Despite wanting to, I've never seen these movies before, and I figured hiring them out would very likely cost more than buying them. The other one i got was The Hunt for Red October for a very cheap $9.

So with all the movies I thought I would devote most of this entry to stuff on that subject. At the cinemas right now, is Snakes on a Plane. As with most other people, I too wonder how people could take this movie at all seriously. Down at the road from work, the canteen had this hilarious promotional card for people to take. lol

On some upcoming movie news, I'm finding it hard to believe that they are actually making another Rocky movie. If there was one movie franchise that surely dead and finished, I would have thought that Rocky would be up there.

Yes, they are making a Rocky VI, although it is entitled Rocky Balboa. I wonder if the people that make The Family Guy knew that this movie is actually being made when they included this hilarious scene in an episode that went to air earlier this year. lol so true. See the trailer for the new Rocky movie here. Adriaaaaann! I mean seriously, how many times can they do this?

Some other exciting upcoming movies include a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (trailer here), and of course The Simpsons Movie (teaser trailer here).

To life blogging: after the results last night I've decided to stop following Arsenal (my football team) as closely as I do, it's just way too depressing at the moment.

Last night, I went to a buck's night for my sister's future husband, which meant taking a tour of the nightclubs in the Valley. Although clubbing in Queensland these days is a much more palatable experience since the fantastic new anti-smoking laws came into effect, i still personally despise clubbing. I just don't see the point of standing around claustrophobic, crowded (although now smoke free) areas whilst the music is so deafeningly loud you can't even have a good conversation with the person next to you. Plus the whole being married thing makes it even more pointless. Instead, give me a nice restaurant and some drinks with friends any day.

Overall, I've had a good weekend.

3 thoughts on “Movies & Clubbing”

  1. C'maon, Arsenal got to the finals of the champions league last year, they can't be that bad. Imagine how all the other premier league teams supproters feel (other than chelsea that is). Start supporting Qld Roar, there cooler than arsenal

  2. The only worse feeling than going out early in a competition is making it to the final and losing 🙁

    Barcelona were awesome last season, and although it's pretty good to finish runners-up to them, it's still a bitter memory.

    I think Arsenal and I need a break; they're still my team, but I'm not going to put so much emotion into following them for the time-being.

  3. Dude, we lost to Middlesborough!!! I nearly cried!

    Having said that, 'borough were the deserved winners, they scored some pretty spectacular goals.

    Arsenal just need a kick up the ass - get excited!


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