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France KO Brazil!

Henry Scores vs BrazilAnd what a KO'ing it was. I got up at 5am (Brisbane time) to watch the game live on SBS, and I wasn't disappointed. France almost completely dominated the game from start to finish, with a magnificent Thierry Henry volley off a free kick (see right) making the 1-0 scoreline, although the French arguably deserved more.

The Brazilians looked totally out of sorts, all their star players like Ronaldo, Ronaldihno, etc, just couldn't get a touch in, and when they did they quite often made stupid mistakes. It was truly a terrible Brazil performance. Contrasting that was France, who have seemed to have shaken off their unconvincing start to the tournament, especially Zidane who even more so than the game against Spain, was absolutely masterful in this game.

I know I haven't said it in a while, but, Vive Le France! I hope they win the tournament.

The other quarter final last night was the England one. At least the English stuck to tradition: they played terribly, they had their star 'messiah' player sent off for something totally stupid, and went out of the tournament once again wondering what might have been.

Rooneys StampYes it was all a sense of déjà vu when I was watching the highlights this morning. Wayne Rooney has been hailed as the English 'messiah' player for this tournament in the same way Beckham was in 1998, and yes like Beckham in 98, the idiot that is Rooney got himself stupidly sent off for lashing out against an opposition player (shown left).

Rooney Sees RedI've always said that Wayne Rooney is an extremely gifted football player with a stupid temper and dirty play. As an Arsenal supporter, my team has been on the end of both the good and bad 'sides': when he was playing for Everton, he superbly sunk Arsenal with an awesome goal from outside the box. Later, playing for Man Utd, the idiot blatantly dived to earn a penalty which practically ended Arsenal's awesome unbeaten run of 49 games.

So yes, i'm not the biggest fan of Wayne Rooney, and I imagine a few Englishmen won't be any more either. Nor will they like the other player from Man Utd who i despise almost as much as Rooney, Christiano Ronaldo. The other thing that stood out for me in the match was how quickly Rooney's Man Utd team-mate turned on him, leading the call for Rooney's head after the incident. It was somewhat ironically fitting that the penalty that sent England out also fell to Ronaldo.

We're going to a wedding this afternoon, so I must be off.

3 thoughts on “France KO Brazil!”

  1. so that's how far my anti-Brazil line gets me 😀
    I'm going for Italy now, because if they win, well, at least we were beaten by the eventual winners... a/s.

  2. You could have heard a pin drop in the pub when Rinaldo scored that final penalty goal - there were people crying!

    Yes, Rooney deserved all that he got. He's got a lot of growing up to do, whether he's got the talent or not!

    PS. Verify code still doing the blank box thingy


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