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Australia Through!

I am a very tired boy, and as the timestamp on this entry will reflect, it is all my own doing. I got up at 5am local time this morning to watch the big make-or-break Australia vs Croatia match.

It turned out to be quite an intriguing and frustrating match, but Australia ran out the draw 2-2 twice coming from behind. They advance to the round of 16 at the expense of Japan and Croatia, and finish second in the group behind holders Brazil.

Kewell celebratesBefore anyone comments, yes I know that the second goal was scored by none other than my favourite disdain-topic of the World Cup, Mr Harry Kewell. I'll be the first to congratulate him, although I think that he had a pretty average match, but nevertheless much better than the last two. Again in the match he missed another certain scoring opportunity, this time from point blank from the six yards, and with the whole goal at his mercy, he hit it straight at the keeper.

Guus almost made a fool of himself mixing the keepers up in the middle of the tournament, which i found quite puzzling. I can't believe he brought in Kalac, who made a few howling errors in the game, one of which conceded a very poor goal to the Croatians. Bring back Mark Schwarzer all the way.

It is a Friday night, so this weeks winner of poker was:

Lucas (me) Winning Poker
Lucas (me!)

It was a titanic struggle against Wil at the end of the game, with me winning it with a ace-high straight.

Anywho, i'm more than tired at the moment so i better get some zzzs. If some or all of this entry doesn't make any sense at all, or it is completely miss spelt, please forgive my fatigue.

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