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Apologies for More football

Apologies to all who read this blog, but this is another entry on football.

Firstly was Sunday's big indoor game with our team (which was bottom on the table) playing playing the team right above us. Although our chances of making the final are totally gone, we had set ourselves the goal of avoiding the wooden spoon to achieve.

Winning the past two games on the trot had put us in a good position prior to this game. The game started well, with our team doing most of the attacking. I scored the first goal, running onto an excellent pass by Eric and slotting the ball between the keeper's legs.

Ben spectacularly added another two which saw us going into the break 3-1 ahead. The second half of the game was characterised by missed opportunities by our team and fantastic keeping on theirs. So much in fact, that we didn't score one goal in that half although we had more than a plethora of chances. Although we defended superbly, they nicked a late goal as we let our guard down in the final seconds.

So it was 3-2 to us, our team leapfrogging them out of bottom position with one game to go. It's not going be easy to hold onto though: we play the top team in the final game. 😯

Brazil vs. AustraliaBack onto the World Cup, last night saw the massive game for all Aussies: Australia vs Brazil. Australia played pretty well, for the most part containing the Brazilians almost completely in the first half. In the second half the game opened up a bit more and chances fell to both teams. Unfortunately Brazil took theirs, and eventually ran out the game 2-0, the score not really reflecting the game.

Amongst the Australian missed chances was Harry Kewel missing an open goal after the Brazilian keeper made a shocking mistake. Why he continues to get game time is beyond me; although he made a few good runs he really did nothing with the ball. Kewel's altercation with the referee after the game has quite rightly landed him in hot water, and he is likely to pick up a match suspension for it (which in my opinion could be a blessing in disguise ;)).

Some people have criticised the referee as a reason for Australia's lack of result, which is an opinion that I do not share. I believe he had a pretty good game, and Australia were let off a few times: the early disgusting tag on Ronaldo for one, which could have easily been a red card (it looked entirely intentional, and the marks on his leg made me cringe).

Overall, it was a battling performance from the Australians, but i'm quite sick of the phrase 'Australian football comes of age', as it has seemed to have 'come of age' at least 5 or six times in the last year according to various different media outlets.

I promise the next entry will contain some non-football related material 🙂

6 thoughts on “Apologies for More football”

  1. some of the refs calls left a lot to be desired, although overall it was good. but seriously australia didn't have much of a chance to beat brazil, but they did play brilliantly.

  2. I was watching the game from a bar in Barcelona - we played so well! I was so proud of our boys!! Great atmosphere to watch the game in too.

    Also - your code verification thingy - it doesn't show up so I don't type anything in and it still publishes the comment. Once it's published, however, the code shows up... slight glitch?

  3. Really? I just tested it again and it seems fine. It wouldn't publish the comment without the code.

    What browser are you using and what type internet connection have you got? I wonder if the image is taking a while to load on slower connections...

    anyone else experiencing similar problems?

  4. Using Explorer and we have broadband - it's my work PC. It's showing up now, but I think that's only cos I've already published once today. It's done it every other time for the past few weeks...

  5. Yep, doing it again - when I first go to check your blog and leave a message, nothing comes up - it looks as if it SHOULD - I'll take a screen grab and email it to you.


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