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The End of Things & Domains

First of all it is the end of the working week, which is very welcome. Although this was only a four day working week, it felt like much longer. I think its because at the moment at work i'm doing some stuff that is a bit tedious, but still necessary.

Also tonight was the shutting-down (permanently for the time-being) party thing for the OCYF Drama Group. Although Despina and I had out-grown the group in the past few years and haven't had much of an active role in it since 2003, it still holds a special place in both of our hearts because the Drama Group was the place where we met each other.

It was very much sad and nostalgic seeing all the photos and everything from up to 8 years ago. The Drama Group was a key part in my formative years and also obviously afterwards because I have found my wife in it.

Special thanks must go to Eleni McDermott who managed and ran the group for all these years, it really has been a Herculean selfless effort on her part for so long.

And now, dum da da!: the patented geek news:
Recently I have registered a few more domains: for my sisters site (which is currently hosted as a subdomain on this site) I registered a name for her business:

Also for the newly married couple (us :P), I decided to register a name that will in the future serve as a site for our

The links may not work for a few days until the new domains fully resolve around the global 'thing' that is the internet.

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