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Gearing up for the Wipe part 2

After wiping Despina's computer two weeks ago, now it is my laptop's turn. It seems that it is getting a bit sluggish lately, and i've been wanting to start afresh for a while now but haven't had much time because of the wedding and all.

I've backed up most of the stuff onto Despina's computer and i'll probably spend most of tomorrow doing that.

The continued amount of comment spam on this blog has made up my mind on revamping it. Once I get my laptop properly setup, I plan to convert this blog over to a new script, which has at least image verification codes for the comments to put off spammers.

I'm expecting the conversion process to take a significant amount of time. Not only do I have to convert the whole database to a different format, i'll need to customise the new script to a look and feel similar to the current blog.

Although i'd like to keep the format of the blog exactly the same as it is now, because of the new script it'll probably end up being the same sort of system and format as most blogs (like blogger, wordpress, etc.) have today, with multiple entries shown on the starting page etc etc.

On Thursday, Arsenal made it to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League (Europe's top club football competition) for the first time in their history. In doing so they also set a new Champion's League record for the amount of time they've played without conceding a goal (8 games and counting). I'm actually half believing that might have a chance of winning the thing this year...

In geeky news, it has really surprised me this week that Apple have released an official booting system which will allow the new Intel-based Macs to boot Windows XP. It makes me really really tempted to buy a Mac Mini once the next version of Mac OS X comes out. I probably won't though because of the financial waste side-of-things.

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