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It's raining outside as I type this. Why is this worth mentioning? I love when it rains, there's something that's just so soothing about it. However I was caught in it today as walked back from the city across the Victoria bridge. Although I had an umbrella, a bus ran through a puddle next to the footpath and sprayed my lower half horizontally. Needless to say I wasn't too impressed.

Yesterday i read an article in the newspaper that really intrigued me. It was a feature article on Britain making its final World War II loan repayment to the United States. I love my history (hey, it was one of the majors for my Arts degree), and I found this fascinating.

60 years after the conflict ended Britain has just paid back in full the amount that the US had loaned to it during the conflict to help it fight the Germans (around $AUD163 billion in today's terms).

In geeky news, it seems as though Apple and Sony have reached an agreement over Sony BMG artists selling songs on iTunes. A significant amount of Sony's catalogue has very quietly been added to Apple's online music store. This follows many months after Apple launched the Australian store without any Sony artists present.

4 thoughts on “Raining”

  1. Hurray, now I can download Shannon Gnoll, The Backstreet Boys, and Delta Goodgrem.

    But seriously, they do have quite a few good artists signed up. I had a look on their web site.

  2. The riddles I posted a long time ago. Here are the answers:

    If one and a half chicken 'can' lay one and one half eggs in one and one half days how many eggs can nine chickens lay in nine days?

    - I got this out of an Asimov book. The answer is 54. Not nine. So no-one got that. 1 & 1/2 eggs in 1 & 1/2 days equal 1 egg a day. or 1 egg/day. So 1 & 1/2 chickens lay 1 egg/day. and 1 & 1/2 chickens lay 9 eggs / 9 days. There are 6, 1 and 1/2s in nine. 6 times 1.5 = 9. So then we get: 9 chickens (1.5*6) lay 54 (9*6) eggs in 9 days. 54. It would be easier if I could write out the formula, but I have always had issues converting words into math.

    Looking at a portrait a dude says "Brothers and sisters I have none but this man's father is my father's son." Who is the portrait of?.... you got it correct. It is most definetly his son. A lot of stupid people will argue to their grave that it is himself. They are wrong. In fact when I was asked the riddle my first answer was that it was his son, upon which I was told that I was wrong and that the answer was himself. This annoyed me no end. As you can immagine if you know me.

    The cow eating grass thing. Yep math sucks.

    Through using only one slash (of a pen) change "5 + 5 + 5 = 550" into a true statement. note you may not change the equals sign.

    Anyone who can write an exclamation mark with one slash of a pen is a very tallented person. It would be much easier to put a diagonal slash across the top of the plus sign to make it into a 4. 5+545 = 550

    Find two integers, both less than 10, whose product is 43.

    This one is a piece of cake. A cake walk. I can't beleave noone got it. Negative numbers guys!

    I was reminded about these riddles by seeing that it was the number one, most commented. Under the title "we are the..."

    Ah riddles. I am one step closer to becomming a Hobbit.

    I hate TLAs,


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