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Football in the Groin!

Most people remember when looking at the title of this blog The Simpson's Episode with the film competition of the film of Hans Moleman getting hit by a football in the groin, with Homer crying out "Football in the Groin!, Football in the Groin!" for it to win the competition.

Very painfully, today in football (proper football that is) i did indeed cop a football to the groin. Very painful it was, I have not experienced one in quite a while, iirc my last ball-to-the-balls (if you excuse the description) was back when I used to play futsal a few years back.

I played two games today, one for Nick's team and one for Jack's, and unfortunately lost both of them. I think that makes our team's losing streak about 8 in a row now, which is probably the worst set of losing games that I have ever experienced in all my years playing football.

Truthfully it doesn't really bother me that much, I don't really play any more just to win, but mostly to have fun and get fit. Although winning games no doubt is still good and always enjoyable. We have a break from the season for the next two weeks for Christmas and New Year's, and we will resume games on the 8th of January. That game will be my last game before the 6-week 'no-football' period that is being imposed on me before the wedding in order to prevent any undesirable occurrences that might prevent me from fully partaking in the event.

This past weekend has been a little more relaxing than those of late, although right now I still feel pretty drained, which is probably because me playing two games today. We were planning on going into the city on Saturday to get a bit more shopping done as well as to finish off the gift registry, but we decided against it because it was so darn hot, and we really didn't feel like pushing our way through the crowds on the last Saturday before the Christmas weekend. I think that we are probably going to go sometime this week in order to finish that off.

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