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Email, Suits, Indoor, and Hotness

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but here it goes. Please forgive any grelling and/or spamatical errors, as i'm quite tired.

Last week work was a bit interesting, partly because of the amount of spam and virus emails came through the company. Especially rampant of late were ones containing the Sober worm that took the form of an email from the CIA or FBI.

For some reason on Friday, the mail server chucked a fit and didn't work, and various things had to be uninstalled then reinstalled to get it back to proper functionality. Consequently, the office was without email for a short period of time in the morning.

Passed around later in the day in the form of a forward was this image which I found quite hilarious, as it is probably at least half true:

Email down

On Saturday we went and had a meeting with the events organiser at the reception venue for our wedding, and then the male side of the Bridal party went and chose and had fittings for suits. I chose a nice black pin-strip suit, and to break tradition, I'm going to be wearing a blue shirt with silver tie with the rest of the groomsmen in black shirts with silvery-blue ties.

We then went to Church that night and went to The Noodle Box in West End afterwards for dinner.

On Sunday we met up with the photographer for the wedding, and then I went and played indoor. We lost again, in my opinion undeservedly, as we more than held our own for the majority of the game.

In the end our unfitness killed us (we only had the 5 players), the last 6 or so minutes saw us go from leading 3-1 to losing 3-6. I did score quite a good goal though, a cheeky but powerful toe-punt from a tight angle that went through a few players into the top of the net.

Very stupidly, i stayed back and help fill-in with Wil in a friends game. It was a pretty amateur mixed-sex game, and to be honest, I ran all over and around them. I had about 5 or so chances one-on-one with the 'keeper. Shamefully, I couldn't put even one of them away!

Toward the end of the game as i bore down on goal once again i was barged over from behind from an obviously frustrated opposition player, which earned myself grazed and burnt knees and palms, and the opposition player a blue-card (sort of like a sin-bin). We lost that game 1-0.

I was stuffed for the rest of the day. I went and saw some old friends with some interesting stories while being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I think I killed at least 9 or 10 of them (mosquitoes that is), only one actually got through my defences and bit me.

Today was so oppressively hot it wasn't funny. Even stepping out of the office for 20 minutes to get lunch left me almost saturated. Apparently the heat was too much for WebCentral (Australia's premier and largest web-hosting provider), as their air-conditioning failed due to a water supply issue, and they were forced to shutdown all of their servers and systems to avoid them overheating. Quite embarrassing for them if I do say so myself, as they claim to have world-class data centres. Luckily this site is is hosted in a huge server farm maintained by ThePlanet somewhere in Texas (it's probably why my hosting is so damn cheap as well), something like that could never happen there.

So sleepy.

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  1. "I think I killed at least 9 or 10 of them (mosquitoes that is),..." HAHAHA. Yes, killing friends was a fun past time of mine aswell.

    You have quite the busy life dont you social boy?


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