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Sony Morons & I love GMail

I'm sure many of you have seen in the news recently Sony BMG getting in a whole basket full of trouble over bundling dangerous spyware with some of their music CDs that they released for the purpose of Digital Rights Management (DRM). This surprised me a lot, I never thought a massive corporation would stoop to such depths over copy-protection and DRM, and that Sony would be so stupid to think that they could get away with it; to basically infect someone's computer with virus/spyware like activity which leaves a backdoor open for others to exploit. I tell you I won't be buying any Sony BMG CDs any time soon.

I have already said it a lot, but I absolutely love GMail. After using it for quite a while now, it seems to be getting better and better, especially when I go back to check my Hotmail accounts and see what I left behind: bad page design not compliant with browsers other than ie, huge distracting banner advertising etc etc; compared to GMail's crisp clean layout, wonderfully simple innovations (conversation grouping etc), and tonnes of other features, it is just fantastic.

Once again, i've got a tonne of GMail invites for people to snap up. If you want a GMail account or just want to open one to have a look, send me an email to the sites admin address (admin at lucascosti dot com) and i'll send you the invite you need to create an account. It's well worth it and comes with Lucas' two huge thumbs up recommendation.

The wedding plans continue, with invitations being the latest pain, and the honeymoon flights have been finalised and hotels booked.

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