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Passport & SNL Jeapordy

I haven't blogged in a while, because nearly each time that I've been in front of a computer i've been a too busy, or so very tired that I couldn't have put sentence a properly together.

Anyway, this week I've applied for my passport. It cost me 172 bucks just to apply, which is the biggest rip out. In my opinion, every citizen of this country should be entitled to a passport free of charge. I'm a full Australian citizen born here, i pay may taxes and such, and I shouldn't have to fork out another $172 just to be able to get a passport.

Now that my rant is over, i'll blog a bit of what's happened to me lately.

Played indoor football on Sunday, and we once again lost by a significant margin, although it is still only the trials before the new season. We also changed our name from 'The Magnificent 7' to 'Red Febtober', which for those who don't recognise is a reference to the movie Hunt for the Red October (our jerseys are red), and the hilarious Saturday Night Live Jeopardy sketches with Sean Connery, were he answers the "Months that Start with 'Feb'" question as 'Febtober'. (see all the SNL Jeopardy sketches here, and the extremely funny Febtober one here).

On Monday I went to our first Body Corporate AGM for the unit, in which I was strangely appointed Chairman of the Body Corporate, mainly because it was only me and one other owner attending, and all three committee positions had to be filled (he got Secretary and Treasurer). Quite interesting.

Another very funny wikipedia page was sent to me this week: A list of Neologisms (new/made-up words) from The Simpsons.

Among my favourites are: Commie-Nazis, CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet, Crisitunity, Cromulent, Flurking Schnitt, Sacrilicious, etc.

CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet is one of my favourites, was from when Homer was starting an internet company:

Marge: What exactly is it your company does again?
Homer: This industry moves so fast it's really hard to tell. That's why I need a name that's cutting-edge, like CutCo, EdgeCom, Interslice...
come on,Marge, you're good at these! Help me out!
Marge: How about... Compuglobalhypermeganet?
Homer: Fine, it's not important...
What really matters is my title. I think I'll make myself.. vice president.
[Excited] No, wait! Junior vice president!
[The phone rings, Homer answers] Compuglobalhypermeganet, junior vice
president Homer Simpson speaking, how may I direct your call? [miserable] It's Patty. [hands the phone to Marge]

hehe Interslice

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