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Firefox 1.5

Today the next major release of the Firefox web-browser, v1.5, was released. I am typing this entry out for the second time because Firefox 1.5 crashed when I tried to spell check the entry with the Spellbound extension. After updating the extension, it works fine, so that was an issue with Spellbound and not Firefox itself :).

Anywho, the new release contains some improvements, but not really any ground-breaking new features (it is only a x.5 release). Among the new stuff is drag-and-drop rearrangement of browser tabs, better updating, and one very unheralded but really useful feature of having the option of when opening a web-page from another application to be able to set it to open in a new tab or new window rather than the most recent one. This is soo useful, as I have lost many an email or blog entry because of the newly opened page replacing all my typed stuff.

Firefox craps all over Internet Explorer, and as with Gmail, it comes with my reccomendation and a massive two thumbs up. You can get Firefox at

The wedding plans and unit preparation continue, with me recently looking at my internet options for the place. It's quite good because the building does have a Telstra cable going into it, but needs to be installed in the unit itself. I'm on Telstra cable at home at the moment, and i'm quite happy with it, so it's good that I can get it when I move out. In other wedding news, my sister has also gotten engaged in the past week. Congrats to them.

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