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Australia in the World Cup!

It was an amazing two games with the finale stretching as far as it could. Tonight Australia beat Uruguay 1-0, and since Uruguay won 1-0 in Montevideo, after 90 minutes of normal time and another 30 minutes of extra time, Australia qualified for our first World Cup since 1974 by winning the resulting penalty shoot-out 4-2.

Mark Schwarzer was the hero, saving two of the penalties, after Marco Bresciano had levelled the aggregate score with a first half strike.

I can't wait to next year to cheer them on with the usual countries I support: France and Sweden.

2 thoughts on “Australia in the World Cup!”

  1. Go Australia! Show the rest of the world that were aren't really that crap at soccer like everyone else thinks we are. =/ That was a tense game!

    At least we made it in! GO AUSTRALIA!


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