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Tempting Fate: Indoor Football

The title of this blog entry refers to me playing indoor football today, but more on that later, i've almost a whole week to blog.

For the rest of the working week since my last entry, nothing too exciting happened (that I can remember now). Friday night after work, me and Despina went into the city to do a little shopping. I haven't been in the city in such a long time, everything has changed. Firstly the new Queen's plaza has now opened, and they look to have for the most part finished the renovation of the Myer Centre. In both of these places, what is the deal with white?? As seems to be the fashion these days, everything is white, but what i really can't understand is the floor tiles. Nearly all the tiles are bright white. What stupid interior designer had that dumb idea? You have thousands of people walking through there each day, and you put in white tiles? They haven't been there that long and they already look worn, i'll bet that they'll have to replace them within 18 months because they will look that bad.

On Saturday morning I had to work. I was at work at 7am to assist with some maintenance, rearrangement, and installations of computer systems, plus I did most of the things on my to do list that I couldn't really do while the office is full of people working on computers. It sucks to have a six day working week, but what can you do...

I finished at around 12, and joined up with Despina to go back into the city to look at more stuff, but this time to do with the wedding. We witnessed a woman getting arrested on top of a police paddy-wagon. She had somehow managed to climb on top of it and was screaming at the top of her lungs to the quite sizable crowd which had gathered to watch the 'show', about how the cops were going to arrest her after a night clubbing and some other incoherent babble. A cop eventually scaled the car and hand-cuffed the screaming woman, copping a punch to the side of his head for his trouble. After she was restrained to applause from the crowd, we went into Officeworks and I stumbled upon a Lacie external DVD burner for only $179. I've been wanting a DVD burner to use with my laptop for a while, and this one was relatively cheap and basically has everything i wanted: 16 speed, burns both plus and minus R and RW DVDs, and also Double Layer DVDs. Quite happy with that.

We went to Church that night and saw Gilberto's latest episode in his hair altering series, and afterwards went to a birthday party. I was quite buggered as I had been up since 6 that morning for work, so we left straight after the cake and went home.

Now to the 'Tempting Fate' part.

Today was indoor football (or soccer for the less-than-smart people). I had stated to the team that i didn't want to play just yet, to give my broken foot as well as my ankle a bit more time to build up it's strength again. However circumstances played out that resulted in me playing as goal-keeper, mainly because our team didn't have enough players.

How is that tempting fate? This comeback game was against the very team that I broke my foot playing against over 3 months ago (Jack B's Team), and on the very same court nonetheless. Plus i'm not a very good goal-keeper.

The game turned out mostly well, we won 5-1. I 'kept quite well, surprising even myself with quite a few quality saves. For the last minute of the game, I was very naughty and came out of goals and played on the field, even somehow managing to miss scoring a goal from point-blank range. Such a pity, it would have capped off a truly wonderful comeback. I'll definitely need to get my touch back in that regard.

However, I am typing this blog entry in quite a bit of pain from the game, surprisingly none of it coming from my foot, which came through the game quite well. While goal-keeping in the first-half, when making a save, the ball hit me square-on my right ring-finger, stubbing it really badly. I played out the game ok because I taped it up and kept using it, but afterwards now that it has cooled-down some pretty nasty bruising and swelling has set in. I'm pretty sure it's not broken, but it hurts quite a bit. I've got it taped to the finger next to it to immobilise it a bit. See the pics below.

Taped finger

Bad finger close-up

Hopefully i'll be able get through work tomorrow ok. Working in IT and having mangled fingers isn't the best situation in the world, plus I am very-much right-handed. This week at work i'll be the sole person dealing with IT support, as the main person is going on holidays for a week. Should be fun.

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