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Rain Rain Please Don’t Go Away

Man am I loving this rain, and now the much cooler weather that has come along with it. This rain is what we desperately need here in Brisbane. For those who don't know, we have been going through a serious drought with dam water at critical levels, we are currently under stage 2 water restrictions.

Then again if we have solid rain for a while there could be flooding! hehe, be careful what you wish for i suppose.

Played indoor football this arvo, where we atrociously lost 6-0. We were all not really 100%, and through a combination of flat running, poor passing and finishing, and good opposition defence and goal-keeping, we didn't score one goal; something that hasn't happened since as long as I can remember (or ever).

On a separate and totally unrelated note: most people know that i am usually a nazi for correct grammar and spelling on blogs and alike, although i'll be the first to admit that my posts are far from perfect, mainly due to poor proof reading and bad typing. As mentioned before, I hate the internet shorthand stuff. Good luck getting a job when you can't even write coherently kids. But anyway: although i am pretty strict in terms of grammar and spelling, there is one thing that most of the time i can't be bothered doing: capitalising the 'i' when using it by itself. First of all i (there it is!) don't see the need for capitalising it, and really don't understand why it is the practice to do so. We don't capitalise the 'a' by itself, why do the 'i'.

Maybe it is the whole thing of referring to the self, and the importance of it. What's worse is that i'm not consistent, sometimes i do capitalise it, other times I don't. (that previous sentence being the perfect example, although intentional). Eh.

1 thought on “Rain Rain Please Don’t Go Away”

  1. perhaps because it's a proper pronoun?
    but aside from that, it's there as a replacement for the name. "What's worse is that lucas am not consistant, sometimes lucas do capitalise it, other times Lucas don't." (to pidgin it).
    as an aside, in ireland 'am not' is legitimately able to be a contraction, like 'i amn't going to capitalise'. see wikipedia on 'gaelic english'. a/s


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