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Another Week Another iPod

It seems as though Apple has released another iPod. I think this now makes 2 in the last three weeks. The new iPod replaces the previous Photo colour version of the iPod and now has video playback support. I don't see why they couldn't have enabled video playback in the now-older model with a firmware update as it did have a colour screen and all. I guess it's their way of making money...

Although the past week hasn't been that busy at work I haven't really had the time or energy to type out an entry in the last week, mainly because I've been working on developing a website in the time I do have in front of the computer.

I didn't go to Church tonight as I've been over Despina's place, who hasn't been feeling to well. Last night I went over to Aunty's place to help setup their ADSL Router, after having it replaced by Netgear. I couldn't really get it to work, but eventually figured out that their cordless phone was somehow interfering with it obtaining a stable connection. Apparently Panasonic cordless phones are pretty bad in terms of that. After unplugging the phone it all worked nice and stable.

Tonight we watched Suddenly Thirty on DVD. Although it is pretty much a 'chick flick' (hey Despina is the sick little girl 😉 ) i didn't mind it too much and actually quite enjoyed the movie.

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  1. Well the whole movie was the clich? little kid gets turned into an adult and acts like a kid, ala Big with Tom Hanks etc, but I still like the way it was done. I really liked the ending though


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