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Very Windy & JPs

Last night and today it has been extremely windy, and it kept me up for a little while last night, which sucked because it is the first time that I have had the opportunity to sleep without a set waking-up time. waaah

I have been still going through all the motions with getting everything done for buying the unit. I think I have basically signed my life away pretty much so far. With everything that I have signed so far, there has only been one document that we have needed a qualified person to witness us signing ( A qualified witness being a Judge, Lawyer/Solicitor, or a Justice of the Peace etc.) The home loan? No. The power of attorney for legal stuff? Nope. The actual contract itself? Nah ah.

The only thing that we needed a qualified person to witness our signatures was for the First Home Buyers concession form stating how much Transfer (Stamp) Duty we had to pay, which didn't involve a lot of money at all (let's say >$500).

So I can sign a legal contract to buy property, sign documents applying to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars, sign over my legal representation in the property transfer, and the only thing I need a qualified witness is for giving the government a couple of hundred bucks? Doesn't make much sense to me, but eh!

In other news, it seems Apple has released another iPod, the iPod Nano. This product replaces the iPod Mini, which I don't really understand, as they just released an updated version of the mini not more than a few months ago, and it was their highest selling product. The difference between the Mini and the Nano, is that the Nano, with a max of 4GB of space, uses flash chips for memory (like from a USB memory stick), rather than a normal hard disk (like storage in a computer), which enables the Nano to be really small.

I think Apple are maybe going a bit far with releasing a new iPod product every couple of months. Although they are selling well, it can't last forever, and people who buy their products find that the thing they spent hard-earned money on is only current for not even a year, and Apple aren't even that great in passing things like software improvements, like improved power-consumption for longer battery life, down to the older products even though it is possible to do so.

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  1. A friend and I have decided that, due to the popularity of apple products, the letter 'i' should now be added to as many things as possible.

    For instance: iFriends, iTree, iDinner. Makes everyday things sound so much more ... technologically advanced!


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