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Time doesn’t heal all wounds

Now about ten weeks after breaking my foot, I went back to get X-Rays this morning to see if the break had healed. Unfortunately it hasn't: there is still the little piece of the base of my 5th metatarsal in my left foot floating around in there.

I will be going to the doctor on Friday to see what my options are, but in the meantime I still have to be wearing the spaceboot. What makes it even more frustrating is that the foot feels fine, I have no pain in it at all any more. I'm hoping I can still avoid surgery, but we'll have to see.

On Saturday was the Bribie Island Sports Challenge for Church that I helped organise. Overall it was a pretty good day. I refereed all the games for the football tournament, with my legs feeling quite sore by the end of the day.

Still busy organising things for settling the unit, as well as a variety of other things that are keeping me more than occupied at the moment.

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