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The Search is Over!

I haven't blogged in a week, but this time I think that I have good reason to. It has been a very busy and very strange week, but most predominantly of all, Despina and I have finally bought a place to live once we get married.

We eventually bought a unit in Morningside, after earlier making an offer for a place in Norman Park which we subsequently retracted. Of course all this house-hunting and offer making chewed up a lot of time, as nearly all of it was done outside of business hours. I am quite glad to have the search over. Now come the trips to the bank, lawyers, etc.

Work last week was pretty busy, I had to learn a few new things.

On Friday night Despina and I went to Bible study and then afterwards went to my little cousins birthday party.

Yesterday we started doing a logo for Nick's new business, and then went a Bribie meeting and after that went to Church. RiverFire was on at the end of Church, but I decided to leave early to beat the post-fireworks traffic as we had to go to Mel's welcome back party, although I did want to stay to see the F-111 dump-and-burn at the conclusion of the fireworks (where the military aircraft does a low and fast fly-over of the river, dumping fuel which ignites in the trail of the aircraft).

Turned out quite good because as we were driving around behind the Mater Hospital to get onto Vulture St, we stopped at an intersection, and right at that time we looked up to see the jet fly straight over us and right over us he began to dump his fuel. Quite spectacular if I might say so myself.

Today we went to see the team play indoor, which they won a good game 4-2. I am really starting to miss playing soccer. I can't wait to get back into it. This arvo we finished Nick's logo, and went to Nando's for dinner.

What a week!

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