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Poker & Internet Safety

I've noticed in the past few weeks that I have been very much enjoying watching the World Poker Tour. It was on Channel 10 (I think?) lately on Saturday nights, and is on Fox 8 on Friday nights. Although the show is just people playing poker, it is rated MA (restricted to people under 15 y.o.) for gambling. It's awesome watching them play and psych-out each other.

As has been usual of late, I have barely had any spare time in front of a computer. The last two days at work was also unusually hectic.

Friday was pretty busy. I had to rebuild (software speaking) a laptop which was totally stuffed, and instead of taking the anticipated half-a-day, it took most of the day for us to do up until around 6:45pm. We also had to rearrange our area of work as well, in anticipation of a new person starting on Monday.

One thing with this laptop was that it was infested with viruses. I really don't know how people manage to totally stuff up their computer with viruses. In my whole internet computing experience, I have only ever had 1 virus, so I guess I must be doing something right. I am seriously considering writing a short and basic 'Internet Safety Guide' to post on this blog, mainly aimed at showing tips and rules for a safe surfing experience. It is seriously not rocket science, and with only a few principles and tips, most people should be right. Stay tuned.

In the last few days I have also gotten another pair of glasses. I had wanted to get my eyes checked, but I thought it would also be convenient to also get another pair so I can leave one at work and at home and not worry about packing them and unpacking the one bruised and battered pair all the time.

At Church we are starting to organise an event up at Bribie Island. I have been doing the flyer for it, and once that is finalised, I will put it up on the website for everyone to see. The event is going to be along the lines of a 5-a-side soccer tournament and a kids mini-Olympics with as well as a campfire-type-thing in the night. It is currently scheduled for the September 10, so put it in your calendars.

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