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I Cracked a Funny

Same old same old for the past few days.

I Have continued looking for properties, but i'm getting a little tired of it. So time consuming with pushy real-estate agents. Must push on!

Apparently Rolando has restored his computer from the Dell recovery CDs all by himself, so kudos to him. Let's see how long he can stay virus and spyware free this time.

I have encountered a few more amusing things recently:


How Blondes Print Word Documents

hehe. Secondly, Have you got Blog Depression?.

And thirdly, here's a dedication to all my readers. Just kidding of course. 🙂

1 thought on “I Cracked a Funny”

  1. what's that suppossed to mean?

    and it wasn't from the cd's, it was sort of like the system restore thing, only it was restored back to the very begining. but at least it's working now.


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