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War of the What?

I have fought the urge to go to bed early to write a blog entry.

On Saturday night me and Despina went to see The War of the Worlds. After hearing some bad but mostly good things about this movie, i decided to go see it with Despina, having already seen the original 1953 movie a few months ago.

**Warning: May contain Spoilers! You have been warned!**

I was greatly disappointed with the new version. I felt that the movie was too centred around Tom Cruise's character, not showing any of the wider, global view of the alien invasion.

Let me tear apart the movie for those who have already seen it:
- If the aliens had been planning and studying us for a long time (ie thousands, if not millions of years) and had the foresight to plant machines under the ground to kill us with later, you think that they would have the common-sense to undertake an environment sample to see of they could actually survive here on Earth.
- If the aliens could plant these machines under the ground all over the world, why did they not just take over the world at that time instead of waiting until humans developed.
- How sudden and barely explained was the ending? Ok, the aliens are kicking ass, humans have no hope... and then all the aliens die over a 5 minute section at the end of the movie because of something in the water. Huh? Poor, poor form.
- Although most of the scenes were cool in terms of their effects, I was greatly disappointed at the movie not including any large/expansive battles between the human forces and the aliens, instead of just eluding to it like was shown in the movie. Even in the 1953 movie they showed the humans unsuccessfully attempting to nuke some of the aliens.

Overall very disappointing.

Went to the Doctors today to check up on my foot. I will still have to wear the spaceboot for another 2 weeks, at which I will have x-rays and see of it has healed yet.

Here is some geeky news:
- Microsoft have officially named the next version of the Windows operating system. Formally known under the code-name of 'Longhorn', the operating system will be known as Windows Vista and will be available toward the end of next year.
- Yahoo has acquired the company that makes Konfabulator, a cool widget software that I use. Previously you had to either put up with nagware (ie it had nagging windows reminding you to purchase the software) or buy the software. Now it is totally free, which is great.

Edit: To illustrate, see below for what widgets I am running on my desktop using Konfabulator.

5 thoughts on “War of the What?”

  1. a couple of things.

    the director wanted a more human feel of the new 'war of the worlds' so thats why he focused it on one family. haven't seen it yet and i never really wanted to.


    WTF is a widget?

  2. In economics, a widget is what you use to talk about things. For example, if country A produced 100 widgets, and coubntry B produced 50 widgets.

    But im sure lucas is not refering to imaginary economic terms

  3. Well in this context, a widget is basically whatever it wants to be in terms of a small program running on your desktop. There are widgets can include showing the weather forecast, traffic cameras, calendars, email, quotes... basically anything!

    These 'widgets' are run from Konfabulator. the See the widget gallery of Konfabulator for a list of publicly available ones.

    The widgets that I have running (see the above edited entry) are:
    - A calendar
    - weather forecast
    - a picture frame which displays random photos from my digital photos
    - Simpson's quote which displays a random Simpson's quote every so often
    - and some others


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