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Still pretty much taking it easy. Something which is also not really normal for me, is that I have been featuring on MSN often... well, often for me. But it is easy to get 'more often' than nothing. hehe

Over the last few days I have been waiting for my results from the past semester. Uni had told us that the results will be released tomorrow. For all the previous semesters, the results have been released at least a few days before the specified 'official date', but this semester it seems that they are actually going to release on the 'official date' and not before. Strange.

I went to the doctors yesterday, and was recommended to get one of those plastic boot-thingies which will eventually allow me to walk around without crutches.

They had to order it in, so i went back to the Doctors today to get it. It looks like some sort of a spaceboot, and is basically designed to prevent any movement of the foot. Pictures below:

Spaceboot One

Spaceboot Two

I was told that i'll still have to use my crutches for about a week before I can walk in this thing alone.

Not really much else to blog, because I haven't really been up to much. I've installed another RDBMS: PostgreSQL, and have also been working through the Oracle 2 Day DBA Guide.

Have taken the time in the last few days to watch the original Star Wars Trilogy as I haven't watched it in ages. Good to see it after watching Episode III fairly recently (and frequently). hehe

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  1. HAHA, Nice job Lucas. Hurry up and get better, its boring at work without you, however get a second space boot so you can ware them around and look cool. ANd then if you can get a second pair for me, then we can have moonwalk competitions! 🙂



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