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Shower! & Wedding Seminar

Today I had a shower. Shock! Horror!

I haven't had one in a long long time. But before you premeditate ways of avoiding me next time you see me, that's only because of my broken foot I have been forced to having baths.

I'm not really one for baths. When you're a kid, they're great, but when you're a big adult, there's something gross about cleaning yourself of all the crap that's on you, and then staying in that dirty water for a period of time.

Over the past few days, I've been able to put a little more weight on my broken foot: enough for me to be able to lean on it for balance when standing up. Hence I decided that it was finally safe enough for me to have a shower without potentially slipping and falling over.

Tonight me and Despina went to the first night of the marriage seminar that the Greek Community has for couples that getting married in the near future. Tonight's program was given by two counsellors from Relationships Australia, and basically gave us information on ways to maintain a long and long-lasting relationship once married.

The seminar concludes tomorrow night.

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