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Properly Wireless

I got the other wireless router Thursday, and setting it to function solely as an access point was more difficult than i expected. Actually, when i come to think of it, nearly everything to do with computers almost always takes much longer than expected. Nothing with computers is ever easy.

But that's another issue altogether. I think that the problem was due to the router not activating its wireless functionality until you had set up it's WAN connection, which wasn't required for it to function as an access point. When I was trying to set it up, the 'wireless' LED was never lighting up.

So I made the very difficult trip all the way upstairs to try and set it up as a normal router to see of that would activate the wireless antenna. I connected it to the cable modem, and of course then the wireless antenna was working.

Disconnected the new router from the modem and then made my way downstairs, and turned off DHCP on it, and then connected it to the existing router via the network port that we have near our family table.

So i now have an excellent and stable wireless connection from the couch, which is great since i can't really get up and walk to a computer.

My foot is starting to feel better. The swelling is starting to go down, and it is definitely not as painful as before. Hopefully i'll be back on my feet in no time (literally!). I'm so lame...

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