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Marbles in a Jar

Had the second and last night of the marriage seminar last night. It was much more enjoyable and entertaining than last nights talk from Relationships Australia. Of course this was probably due to the speakers and the topics discussed last night. There were so many good quotes that were said that I would like to post here, but unfortunately i can't remember many.

First up was Fr. Dimitri, who was due to give an explanation of the marriage service, but also gave a more general talk on developing a good relationship early in the marriage to set the pattern for later on. He also explained why most Western Countries wear their wedding bands on their left hand, where everyone else, including the Western countries, either still do or used to wear it on their right hand. Apparently a notion dating back some time was that it was commonly thought that the left-hand ring finger contained a vein - called the vena amoris in Latin (vein of love) - which ran directly from that finger to the heart, and eventually sometime after the Great Schism, the West started to put the wedding ring on that hand rather than the right to reflect symbolism of the ring being attached to the heart.

Secondly Dr Chrys gave us an amusing and general talk on sexuality, and specifically in detail about contraception. Overall it was a good education on how specific methods are more appropriate for different periods of a couples life.

One amusing quote was the saying that: If for the first year of marriage, the husband put a marble in a jar every time him and his wife had sex, and then after that first year every time they had sex he would take a marble out of the jar, then he would still have many marbles left in the jar for rest of his life.

My foot it continuing to get better. I can now put more weight on it, and i'm going to get back to work tomorrow.

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