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Just finished watching a movie called Equilibrium. Quite enjoyed it actually, even though admittedly it probably wasn't that great of a movie.

The plot goes along the lines: that in the early 21st century, the Third World War broke out, and afterwards there was a minority revolution in which it was decided that the root of all evils, such as violence and war, was rooted in human feelings and emotion.

Jealousy, hatred, sorrow, grief and violence are the 'sister emotions' of love, joy, and elation, and both sides of the emotional coin should be anaesthetised for a great and peaceful society for the 'greater good'.

One quote: "At the cost of the dizzying highs of human emotion we have suppressed it's abysmal lows". People shall thus live identical lives.

And so each person is required to periodically inject themselves with a drug which suppresses all feelings and emotions. Thus society is emotionless, without any feelings, and thus peaceful but totally boring. (last part added myself). All art, music, literature and anything else that stimulates human emotion are all classified EC-10 (Emotional Content) and are banned and destroyed.

Of course there are dissenters and opposers, called 'Sense Offenders' who form part of a 'resistance' who illegally forgo their dosage of the drug, and keep collections of EC-10 banned items. Once caught they are immediately executed, the law being enforced through 'clerics' which are armed martial-arts trained emotionless kick-ass guys capable of Matrix-style moves.

The movie follows one such very talented 'cleric' played by Christian Bale, who eventually starts to 'feel' which causes an obvious conflict within himself and the society to which he serves.

Although the movie reeks of a Matrix-style rip-off with its action scenes and special effects, i really enjoyed the plot, although that is also pretty inherently similar to the Matrix.

I really liked it anyway.

Today I also walked to the kitchen and back without using my crutches. Although it was still pretty painful, I hope to phase out using the crutches in the next week or so.

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