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Only 4 hours of uni left + graduation

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Went and attended my HIST2602 (Empires) exam yesterday. I could have done better, but i was informed a few days beforehand that the assessment that I had already completed for that course had me sitting right on 50% overall, which meant that I had already passed. Thus I didn't take the exam all too seriously.

So this is a first for me: having already passed two out of my three courses even before the first exam. I might have already passed the third as well, but we still haven't gotten our assignment marks back for the COMP3501 assignment, something that I am not happy with at all considering we have just completed the first week of the exam block.

My HIST2609 exam is on Tuesday, and the COMP3501 exam is next Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Only 4 hours of uni left + graduation”

  1. ah, gotcha. (y)
    hmm...that means i have 4+156+2+156+~4 until i graduate. that's, what, ~322 hours to go.
    oh dear. i'm probably going to have some massively patheric countdown in my last semester. that's kinda sad, and moreso because i don't have to be there (unlike high school).

  2. *pathetic, even.
    (first spelling mistake in a while - just so all interested are aware, it's more a credit to my 'lets check what i just wrote' than any natural brilliance.)
    ((again so all interested are aware, i don't mind if you think it's the latter anyway 😛 ))


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