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Last Ever Uni Classes

These past few days I have attended my last ever uni classes (again assuming I pass all my courses this semester). I had my last ever tute yesterday, and this morning I had my last ever lecture.

To be honest, as with handing in my last assignment last week, it has made me a little sad. The 'uni routine' that has been my lifestyle for the past 4 1/2 years of my life is passing away. Honestly, the lifestyle really was, I would say, comfortable. I would not go as far as saying it was utterly enjoyable, although at times it was, but comfortable is a good expression. This is because it was definitely not without its stresses, but generally it was a nice lifestyle, although the weekends taken writing essays and doing assignments will not really be missed. I should have taken a few photos, but it didn't really cross my mind.

The passing of the uni age will be complete on Saturday the 25th of June, which is the day of my last exam. It also happens to be the last day of the exam block; it seams uni is holding on to me as long as it possibly can. 🙂

Got one of my essays back today. For HIST2602 (Empires), the lecturer has a quite strange but refreshing way of handing them back: you have to sign up for a fifteen minute appointment, and she sits down with you individually and gives you personal feedback about your essay as well as asks a few questions.

She says this is good in two ways: firstly it gives students a greater idea on how they went and how they could improve their work beyond the normally short comments written by the marker; and secondly, she says that it also helps her catch the plagiarisers and essay purchasers. Both i would have to agree with and i think its a great idea, but of course it can only be done with a small class which this course was (only ~50-60 people if i recall correctly).

For the essay i got 33/40, which I am pretty happy with. I went through 3 drafts for this essay and put a lot of effort writing it, but it is still amazing that after reading my typed version over 8 times refining it, I still happened to miss a plethora of typos: all the usual 'if' instead of 'of', etc. The essay is now in the gallery, and of course comments are very welcome. (In case you're wondering i've left in the typos in the web version)

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  1. "seams" you're still making typo's 😛
    congrats again. you gain your weekends, but lose your weekdays...considering another degree? 😛 a/s


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