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Keep it up

Having broken my foot on Sunday, I haven't been up to too much. Over the past few days I have just had to make sure that i keep my foot up, because each time i let it down, even just down sitting, it starts hurting and throbbing like crazy. It is also still really swollen. As a result, really the only time I get up off the couch is to go to the toilet, to have a bath (i can't safely or comfortably have a shower on one foot), or to go to bed.

Thus my existence really has basically been a couch potato the last few days, lying down in front of the TV with my foot up on a number of pillows. Mum, Stephania and also Despina have taken turns attending to me, and getting me everything I need, from food and water, to my laptop etc. Special thanks go out to them.

Speaking of my laptop, the wireless antenna in it and wireless router I bought last year are now priceless, as it allows me to still use the computer and the internet and do everything from the lounge. The only down-side is that the router is just a bit outside ideal range because of the location of the modem and the wires, and thus the connection keeps dropping out regularly and isn't that fast.

I have already ordered another wireless router that I can set up to function as a wireless access point which I can wire to a wired network point in the kitchen. I am buying another wireless router because a router is strangely much cheaper than buying a normal access point although the router has so much more functionality.

I have also stumbled upon an ingenious site in the last few days:, which is a site which allows you to access login data for a very large number of sites which require compulsory registration to access content. An example is the Sydney Morning Herald website, which makes you register personal details and to sign in to access news stories and other site content. By going to the BugMeNot website, all you have to do is enter the site URL, and it will give you a username and password that you can use to log into the desired site without having to register yourself.

2 thoughts on “Keep it up”

  1. it keeps throbbing and hurting because when you lower it the blood rushes down to it, thats also partially why it is still swollen. just keep it elevated as much as you can. also keep taking regular paracetamol, if you have it.

    other than that try to enjoy yourself too much.

  2. yep yep i know...

    It really only hurts when it's down, so I really haven't needed any pain-killers other than for the first night. Other than that, when it's up it's really just a constant dull aching.

    I think the swelling has past it's peak. I can now leave it down for longer before it starts throbbing like crazy


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