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Too much going on

I have entered probably the most hectic time of this year to date. Everything has managed to find itself merging at the same point in time: this week and next week.

Lets see of I can express this:
- HIST2609 Essay due next week. Had thought i'd finished it, but the new course coordinator has revealed some of her expectations which means my essay will need to be altered.
- HIST2609 Tutorial presentation this Wednesday: a 5 min presentation which I haven't started at all yet.
- COMP3501 assignment: have to arrange and do interviews with cousins this weekend. Still have to prepare interview content.
- Teeth: the retainer that I still have attached to by bottom teeth since I had my braces taken off about a decade ago, decided as yesterday the time to snap-off on one side. A quickly arranged trip to the dentist was arranged for today which I subsequently went to. He actually took off the whole thing instead of gluing it back on.
- Applying for some jobs that I've discovered. Taking a long time.

And last, but definitely by no means least, the countdown has begun:
- On Wednesday night, Star Wars. Yes, less than a week to go. Everything now has taken the state of relative to the Star Wars event. Eg. essay: due one day after Star Wars, presentation due the morning of Star Wars etc etc.

The critics are raving about this movie, which I think is a good sign, after they absolutely tore apart the previous two movies. Only a few more days til I can make up my own mind.

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  1. i think the critics - and the public - have decided 'yoda fighting is cool'. if i watch the movie, it'll be with the idea of watching yoda fighting. a/s


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