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Taking a breath

Wow. What a week so far. And it really shows no signs of letting up for about another seven days. I think I need to take a little breath and blog what has been going on.

Worked Monday and Tuesday as normal.

This week looked for some jobs, won't really comment much about what has happenned about everything related to this in this public arena, but suffice to say it has taken up a fair bit of time I thought I had to spare this week.

Wednesday went to uni for my big uni day of 9-4. I had found out earlier this week my COMP3501 (HCI) mid-semester mark, and got the paper back on Wednesday. I got 14.5/20 which I was satisfied with. I then looked at the other grades. I saw one 18, a few 15.5s and then a few 14.5s. Most of the rest of the grades were around 10 and under. We were told at the tute that the class average was in fact around 9/20. Upon being told that news, suddenly I was very happy with my grade . I'm surprised they haven't scaled the grade upwards, but i guess they'll wait to the end of semester to see if that is necessary.

Also on Wednesday was the first HIST2609 (Great Powers) tute and lecture with the new course coordinator, as the previous one has gone to Germany for an extended period of time. When she told us of her expectations for the essay (which she would be marking) that is due next week, it meant that I had to alter what I previously thought had been my finished essay. It really surprised me in that she put down pretty solid rules on what she expected to be included in the essay, when most other previous course coordinators have said something along the lines of 'as long as you have a good argument and good sources and answer the question, an exact word count, the number sources, and the number of footnotes aren't entirely important'.

This person said (from my recollection) we should have at least 10 sources, about 25-35 footnotes, 2-3 primary sources etc.

Wednesday night one side of my retainer popped off. This this is like a little strip of metal that is stuck on the inside of the bottom teeth between the two incisors to make sure that your bite doesn't go crooked after having braces removed. It's been there since I've had my braces removed about 10 years ago, and has only needed to be re-glued once since. It sure did pick a good time to go. On Thursday I was very lucky to get an appointment with my dentist, as you usually have to book him a few weeks in advance. I had to leave my 12-1 tute early to make the appointment, in which he decided to remove the thing, as he thought it a long enough amount of time had passed to remove it without screwing up my teeth. It feels quite strange it now being gone.

Tonight we went to the Bible study, in which a fair few people showed up to. We are talking on Genesis. What I found particularly interesting is the view that we as humans are a 'Hybrid Creature', in that we are created as animals with flesh, but are different from them in that we are endowed with the spirit similar to that of Angels (i.e a soul), and this hybrid of flesh and spirit is what makes us special among God's creation, but also prompts us to sin (muchly paraphrased).

I think this post is long enough, so I might head off to the proverbial sack.

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  1. re. genesis: interesting that quite a bit of philosophy says that, too. kant comes to mind. it seems common in any philosophy which says that humans are special: that we have something of the animal (flesh), sure; but we also have something of the divine within us. of course, _what_ is divine has different words; sometimes it's called a soul (if they're honest and willing to use charged words), sometimes reason (if they're pandering to philosophers), occasionally ability for language (if they desperately want to quantify it).


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