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Changing to GMail

I have made a decision to change my main email account from Hotmail to GMail. I think that it has advanced far enough for me to make the change.

This decision is not really at all borne out of an anti-Microsoft stance, but really a pro-i-like-things-to-work stance. After switching browsers to Firefox, I have really noticed that most of the MS sites, including Hotmail, aren't really totally great with anything other than Internet Explorer.

That combined with a lot of other 'pull' factors of GMail has convinced me to make the switch.

Below is my last email that I sent from my Hotmail account (addresses removed for privacy and spamming reasons).

Hi everyone!

How are we all?

First of all I have a new email address: *******

From now on please use this as my primary email, as I will not be using my
old one (******* anymore. This new one now
takes precedence over all others, including my website's email addresses.

Next, allow me to answer a few of the questions I am bound to be asked. (I
did write these out all by myself by the way 🙂 )
Q: What?! Your moving away from Hotmail?!! Why?!!! Now you won't be able to
use MSN Messenger?!! This is the end of the world!!!!!!

A: Yes, I am moving away from Hotmail, and no, it is not the end of the
world. I have used Hotmail for the better part of the past 8 years, but now
I feel as though it is time to move on to something better: GMail (Google's
webmail system).

Contrary to popular belief, I will be able to use MSN Messenger with this
new email address (though you'll have to re-add me as a contact using my new
address), as you can register a new Microsoft .NET Passport (what you use to
sign into Messenger and others) with any email address.
Q: Why are you changing to GMail?

A: Many reasons. But to sum up: for me I believe GMail is better for my

- Over 2GB (2000MB) of storage compared to Hotmail's 250MB. And it's rising
every day.
- I have now started using Firefox as my browser, and it is not totally
compatible with Hotmail (most Microsoft sites are only 100% compatible with

Internet Explorer). GMail is 100% compatible with all mainstream browsers.
- No massive banner advertising, only out-of-the-way Google text ones.
- Simple, no-nonsense interface
- and many others.
Q: Can I get a GMail account?

A: GMail is still a BETA version application, which means it hasn't really
been finished to be totally released publicly yet. Thus it is not open to
the public as a whole to create accounts. However, existing members are
allowed to invite a certain number of people to create an account while it
is still in the BETA phase, that's how I got one. I now have 50 invites, so
if you want a GMail account, email me. I would encourage everybody to try it
and make up their own minds if it suits them more than Hotmail or Yahoo!
Mail etc.
Q: Why didn't you use *really long old address* as your new

A: Yes, lucas was already taken at gmail, but I thought I would save my hand
some RSI and have a shorter, more logical address.

That's it! Thanks for reading, and don't forget to visit
for lots more useless boring crap!


9 thoughts on “Changing to GMail”

  1. this is interesting. ive been told that gmail is evil..."google" creepy gmail, and have a read....
    But let us know what you think.
    good to see your using firefox, what do you mean it doesnt work well with hotmail, mine worked fine. although i dont use it anymore, i download my hotmail straight to thunderbird!

  2. Well, I should elaborate on things that Firefox doesn't work with Hotmail. It's not that it doesn't work at all, most things it does, but rather several little things that are quite irritating.

    One example is the rich text editor when composing emails. This doesn't work in Hotmail using Firefox. GMail have developed one that works in any popular Browser (eg IE, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera, Mozilla) which works quite well.

    Add to that several other quite useful and attractive features of having GMail mentioned in the post (and others like a Tray Notifier for example), and for me it was a quite attractive option to have as my webmail.

    But again i reiterate, I think it's purely a matter of personal choice. Some people will love it, some people will hate it. If people prefer to use Hotmail, it doesn't bother me, just as long as they're happy with it.

    I'm not trying to convert people, just to make them aware that there are other options for them out there. 🙂

  3. all i was trying for was to tell anyone else who reads this wonderful blog, that they too should use Firefox.
    As for mail, as you said, to each his own. :o)
    I dont mind what people use, as long as they check it!
    Cheers mate.

  4. If you're going to say something like that, at least back it up with some reasoning?! Statements like that don't get anybody anywhere in terms of advancing a point of view...

  5. with the greatest possible was a s**t comment, so it deserved it.
    hmm. slightly related: is there an onus, upon a person with the freedom to speak, to actually make good use of this freedom?


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