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49 Hours and counting…

I know i'm showing my over-abundance of geekness with this post, but i'm way to anxious to hold it in: yes, only ~49 hours until Star Wars.

I am typing this post quite sore. Played 2 games of futsal tonight, on top of a game of indoor yesterday.

Saturday studied by writing out the interview questions and usage scenarios for the interview etc that I as going to have with my cousins on Sunday for my COMP3501 assignment. Went to Church as usual at night, and went out to Nando's and ice-cream afterwards.

Sunday had to get up early for the afore-mentioned interviews that were happening at 10:30. Did the interviews quite well, and topped it off with some delicious bacon and egg burgers.

Played soccer that afternoon, and it was a quite thrilling game in the end. Although we didn't play very well, and conceded some stupid goals, Elliot as usual kept us in the game. So it turned out that with 30 seconds to go on the clock the game was tied. What happened after that was quite amazing: 3 goals in 30 seconds, and that amount of time includes the time taken to restart the game.

Elliot scored with 30 secs to go, and we thought that we were home-and-dry. Then straight off their kick-off they scored with a quite amazing kick that ended in the top-left corner of our net. Then we restarted the game. I kicked it to Rhys, ran forward, and he passed it back, one touch by me then a toe-punt shot that ended up going in the goal with just a few seconds spare. Quite happy with that.

Sunday night started to do the 5 min presentation for HIST2609 that i've got to do in Wednesday. The topic is 'Would the Japanese have surrendered without the bombing of the atomic bombs?'. I thought that this was an easy question to answer, as I don't see how else that situation would have been resolved without an eventual surrender, either through atomic bombs, and invasion, an extended siege/blockade, etc etc.

Today went to work and had a generally frustrating day. Why can't things work the way that you expect them to?! I test and test on the testing server, but when I put them up for real on the intranet server, what happens? A lot. Spent the majority of the day fixing it making sure it worked.

Tired and sore. Sleep time. Star Wars...

4 thoughts on “49 Hours and counting…”

  1. japanese history isn't my forté, but i would think that they would have surrendered without the atomic bombs. firstly because the second bomb was only detonated to hurry up the treaty-signing deal (hence only one bomb), and secondly because it's not as if they couldn't invade by ground troops and make them surrender. $0.02.

  2. It's interesting to note that it took a further five days for Japan to surrender even after a second atomic bomb had been dropped, destroying Nagasaki. Even then, hostilities continued in Manchuria until the 19th of August 1945, thirteen days after the first bomb was dropped.

  3. Bugger, just re-read my post and realised how many typos are in it. That'll teach me to type an entry at 11pm.

    Just a few corrections:
    - the tut question should have read: "Would the Japanese have surrendered without the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?" (the people at uni aren't as unclear as i painted them to be in the post... well not as unclear.... hehe)

    I'm pretty sure the rest can sort-of be self-explanatory


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