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So much to blog!!: Popey, Hi Dr Death!, anti-iPod, & My Week

Lately I have been writing down the things That I would like to blog so I can remember them, but only now is the first time this week that i have actually had some time to sit and type out an entry, and thus I have stuff to blog coming out of my ears!

Warning: This will be a long post!

Popey!! (off The Family Guy (see the first comment) lol)

Of course the news has been covered with the election of the new Pope. The Cardinals ended up choosing Ratzinger, who took the name Benedict XVI. This disappointed many Catholics who were hoping for a more liberal pontiff on issues like Priests marriages, and contraception (hey guys, there is an Orthodox Church if you're interested in seeing things like that lived out!). I think that the new Pope better watch his step a little, because there are probably a few disgruntled people out there that might not like him all that much.

Hi Dr Death!

Also in the news in Queensland, is the issue of the so-called 'Dr. Death', which was about one Dr Patel, who may have caused up to 20 deaths in Queensland, was declared incompetent and morally unfit to practise medicine by New York authorities some time ago. At work someone said that the whole situation reminded him of none other than Dr. Nick Riviera off The Simpsons, which i found particularly amusing. Hi Dr. Nick! Here are some amusing Dr. Nick quotes:

I will perform any operation for the low, low price of $129.95!

Call 1-600-DOCTORB! The 'B' is for 'bargain'!

This won't hurt a bit, until I jam this down your throat!

The coroner? I am so sick of that guy!

Inflammable means flammable?? What a country!

When you were in that coma, did you feel your brain getting damaged?

Seriously, baby, I can prescribe anything I want.

Anti-iPod sentiment

Another thing that I found funny, was a site I stumbled upon: This is probably one of the first in what will probably be a long line of anti-iPod sites. Although I do actually own an iPod, i do actually agree with this guy on a number of points, especially about the whole white earphones which some people wear "like badges of pride". (btw, i don't actually use the white headphones because I find them quite uncomfortable, but prefer my own Sony ones).

He labels people with iPods 'iPeople' and says that "It's the iPeople that really piss me off too! not the iPods as such but stereotypical iPeople!!! Bastards!".

Here's another quote about 'iPeople' that I tend to agree with as well:
"However, one of the biggest things that pisses me off about iPods is their owners. ... there are two kinds of iPod owners that really get under my skin. First, there are the kids who treat those without iPods as peasantry. In their twisted view, everyone who can own an iPod does own an iPod. If you don't have one, you are clearly welfare case not worthy of the dog shit off their shoes. Other collegiate iPod owners that bother me are the kids who proudly display their ostentatious prize and then complain about not having any money. Either they have no concept of money management, or they are spoiled little rich kids that want to appear like good working class Americans"

I'm sure everyone has seen and noticed the type of 'I have an iPod' attitude the iPeople emit. I personally do not like to show that I own an iPod, because I couldn't really give a toss about what people think about it. I just want to listen to my music in peace and not join the iPeople Army! If i had the choice again (i bought my iPod in July last year), i probably would have bought the Creative Zen Touch (which features a longer battery life than the iPod, and a LCD wired remote) just to avoid this 'sheep mentality'.

My Week

Friday night had the last of the Akathist hymn at Church, which was good. Saturday went to uni got some books for my next essay, and went to Church. Sunday, was pretty lazy, other than having soccer in which a good game ended 5-5 with me scoring one. Nick also scored a pretty impressive own goal in that game.

Monday: work and then mixed futsal. I think we lost the game 3-1.
Tuesday: work, then the last in the series of talks at Church, in which my belief that Orthodox priests do not like to give straight answers was largely confirmed (i'm not insinuating either way that it is a good or a bad thing).
Wednesday: Uni all day: i got my HIST2609 short essay back (I got 8/10% for it, and it can now be viewed in the Gallery) then the Presanctified Gifts in which i was again the lone hapless altar boy.
Today: Uni then home to type this blog.

And the rest...

I've still got a bit more that i'd like to blog, but this post is already hugely long, so i guess it'll have to wait for another time.

5 thoughts on “So much to blog!!: Popey, Hi Dr Death!, anti-iPod, & My Week”

  1. I found the Family Guy Pope quotes:

    Pope: No one embarrasses the Pope and gets away with it [Looks up at the sky], SMITE THEM!

    (waits for a few seconds)

    Pope: He's cooking up a something good!


    (Pope asleep in bed)

    Cardinal: Popey? POPEY!?

    Pope: **moans**

    Man: Popey, it's time to get up, and put your hat on.

    Pope: **moans** Ohhh, it's a stupid hat!

    Man: POPEY!

    Pope: All right, all right. God!

    -next scene: The Pope is walking out of the bathroom. He drops his towel on the ground.-

    Cardinal: Popey, the floor is not a hamper.

    Pope: Oh, man!

  2. two of my fav Dr Nick quotes:

    'Hi frozen body!'
    'Well if it isn't my friend Mr. Mcgreg, with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg'

    lucas why didn't you just put 'i got 80% for the assignment'


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