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Holy Wednesday & Gallery Comments

Holy Week continues, with today being Holy Wednesday, and i just got back from Church.

Kind of a weird week so far. I didn't get as much study as i'd hoped to get done over the weekend for various reasons, so I had to not go to work on Tuesday and concentrate on uni. It was a very productive day for me though, writing over 800wds of my HIST2609 essay.

Today I was going to go to uni as usual, but I woke up at about 4 in the morning with bad stomach pains which kept me awake for a while, so I decided not to go. The pain had largely gone away by the time I woke up, but it was already too late to go into uni.

So I decided to stay and and continue my essay. I got majorly distracted today, and only wrote about 300wds.

One thing I did do today was add comment functionality to the Gallery. So now you can add a comment to any piece of multimedia in the Gallery. Go nuts!

It was highly frustrating though, as when I was in the process of updating the scripts, and uploading a new style sheet, the FTP program goes: whoops! Access Denied! The disk is full! (but it didn't really go whoops). The server my site was on was apparently out of space, and it was a few hours before they fixed the problem. So my Gallery was half working with comments, and looked terrible because it had no style sheet. I think it looks good now though.

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