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Altar Boy and Futsal Returns

Lots and lots to blog over the past few days, but where do I begin??

Okay, since my last post, on Friday i did in fact type out all of my history essay, but it took much longer than I had expected it to, in fact most of the day. I had wanted to start studying for my COMP3501 (HCI) exam that I have on Wednesday but that didn't really happen.

Friday night was the Akathist hymn, which was good because I had the book and could easily follow along.

Saturday I tried to study for the exam, but was very distracted by multiple things that mainly had to do with the computer: the new MSN Messenger 7.0 was released so I downloaded that and played around with that a bit (although i normally don't use messenger at all, I still like to have the latest version);

I also downloaded Google Desktop search, which allows you to search your own computer in the same way that Google searches the internet. I was largely unimpressed with this. Although it allows you to search your own computer for commonly used files, it is pretty basic. Only certain files are supported, many system files and other non-standard ones aren't searched. It also has no capability to specify where to search (say in a particular folder). Thus it is really not for me, as i generally keep all my files on my computer organised, mostly in a hierarchical folder system, and thus I know where to find something (at least generally) when i want it. I think it is more aimed at people who aren't really computer literate that just save and throw around files anywhere and can't find where they put them two days later.

On Saturday night, as usual went to church. But this time was different: at the request of Andrew, for the first time in probably over a decade, I went in and helped out in the Altar. Yes, i once again became an altar boy. Although it was interesting to once again go in there, it is really not for me. I much rather prefer to be outside and properly witness and partake in the liturgy that way. Anywho, went out to the Coffee Club afterwards for dinner.

On Sunday was indoor soccer. We ended up losing the game 6-4 (I think) against a pretty good team. Come to think of it, that would have been our first loss in quite a while. Did some study for the COMP3501 exam afterwards.

Yesterday went to work as per normal. I'm learning quite a bit about how Microsoft Word works in terms of saving layout of toolbars etc., because the current project i'm mainly working on requires me to add some purpose-built macros to everyone's toolbars in the form of a button without messing up too much their own toolbar layout. Quite interesting.

Last night, I also started playing futsal again, which i quite enjoyed. What made it even more interesting is now i'm playing in a mixed competition with Despina, who was playing her first game of soccer ever. She played really well for her first game, and her quite good ball control really surprised me.

There are special rules for the mixed competition: at least two females must be on the court for your team at all times; and with scoring, if a male scores for your team, then a female has to score your next goal, although that resets at half-time. However, females are able to score at any time in the match.

Must continue studying for my exam tomorrow, i'm going to have to totally turn off my computer to be productive.

5 thoughts on “Altar Boy and Futsal Returns”

  1. Thats a brilliant deduction for the google desktop thingo!
    I will download and test, then send it to my parents who have little clue about their computer. Like you, i sort my files wellish enough to know where they are!

  2. [woah, three comments before i even read the post. that must be a first.]
    imho, the scoring rules are hugely sexist. they assume from the outset that males are better (and competant) players, and that females mainly score by being too ditzy for the opposition to predict them.
    no, i'm not advocating ditching the rule; but how about making it that a female can't score twice in a row?
    (actually, it's possibly not a bad idea to apply more generally. like, the one person can't score twice in a row, too)

  3. Joseph - I do believe that the Google desktop (and others) wouldn't be necessary if people sort their information well in terms of the files on their computer. I believe this is a process of a well organised folder system as well as descriptive file names. But people generally don't do this, or don't know how to do this, and hence the need for it.

    But then again, i don't think most people like that know how to search using Google properly, so there's another problem altogether.

    Rolando - Maybe yeah, especially if someone is a little hungover! lol (just kidding)


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