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Wedding & Episode III trailer!

I thought before the start of this semester that when I started uni I would have a little more time on my hands. Lately I have been proven very wrong. Last weekend and also this one, I have had zero spare time to do really anything at all.

Today I have a wedding of one of my rellies, which of course takes up the whole day and night. It will be good though, because I haven't been to a wedding in a while and it will be a good primer for me and Despina ahead of ours.

Speaking of our wedding, we have set a date! I prefer not to put it up publicly as yet, but if you would like to know the date just ask me or Despina personally.

I really have to get started doing uni stuff, as my first assessment - a short essay for HIST2609 History of the Great Powers - is due the week after next.

A fair bit has happened in the past week. I was finally granted access to the IT labs at uni, I keep missing out on getting a reader for one of my courses at the bookshop, trouble with people who don't think at work and blame it on me, and others.

The full trailer for Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith has been released! I can't wait to see that movie!! Although the trailer hasn't been properly released publicly, you can get it from this page, although the link probably won't stay active for long. I love the part where Palatine says "are you threatening me Master Jedi?". Awesome.

Tomorrow is also the big game: the final of this indoor soccer which we have made. I'm not really expecting us to win, the team we are playing beat us 9-1 the last time we played them, but i'm sure we will rise to the occasion.

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